NEXXA Transport Luxury Car Rental and Experience spring break

Luxury Spring Break

As breezes begin to warm and the sun starts shining a little brighter, we expert trippers know that only means one thing… SPRING BREAK! Yes, it’s that time of year when students, teachers and really anyone who needs an excuse for a break heads to a coast. The cold months have been agonizing and a beach weekend is just what the doctor ordered.

Nothing is better than getting a kickstart on your summer adventures with spring break. This year, don’t just make take the same old beach trip, turn your spring break into an adventure. Let NEXXA help you navigate the twists and turns of the coast in style for a breath taking road trip experience.
Spring Break is upon us and the search for the hottest and most exciting destination is on. Imagine pulling up to the beach in our head turning Corvette Grand Sport with the top down? Demanding the attention of everyone around you, luring in the gaze of anyone fortunate enough to be in your path, and securing the reputation of “coolest person at the beach” — sounds fun doesn’t it?

Maybe the beach isn’t for you. Perhaps you’re a night owl who craves the bumping speaker sounds paired with dinner and dancing. We’ve got you covered too! Try our Polaris Slingshot, the ruggedly incredible auto cycle. Riding through the city, letting your cares vacate your body while the wind is touches your face, is the stuff dreams are made of. No roof, no doors, no regrets as we like to say. Ignoring this three-wheel power machine is something not even a blind man can do. Pulling up to the party in this bad boy is guaranteed to give you the thrill you’ve been seeking for a long time now.

NEXXA is positioned hours away from several coasts:
Charleston, savor traditional, down-home comfort food.
Myrtle Beach, play on golf courses by world famous architects.
Virginia Beach, get inspired in the Vibe Creative District.
Wilmington Beach, take some beautiful pictures vibrant riverfront and scenic Riverwalk.
Spring Break is a time for fun, so why don’t you start having some? It’s not just about how our cars will make you look, but also make you feel. The wind in your hair, gripping the leather in your hand and controlling so much power beneath your feet equals one word, exhilaration.