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  School is back in session, but NEXXA Transport isn’t ready for the summer to end. We asked our summer intern to share her #NEXXAExperience at TOP OFF 2018:

“NEXXA Transport topped the summer off with a bang! Our Top-Off event was held on Friday, July 27th for NEXXA members as well as exclusive influencers in the Charlotte area. The guests mixed and mingled to create positive relationships and to enjoy the benefits of being a part of the ‘N-Crowd’. For this to be the first event of its kind for NEXXA, Top-Off 2018 lived up to the expectations of our Transport Team!

Top-Off was hosted in the NEXXA Showroom where all of the cars on display were open for the guests to enjoy and observe. I had a chance to speak withNexxa launch event
the owner, Joe Rogers, who shared that ‘the concept was to hold a summer preview experience where our members and local influencers were able to give us
an idea of what they would like to see added in our lineup for NBA All-Star Weekend.’ I’m sure as guests mixed and mingled throughout the night, they talked about what new experiences they would enjoy as a member (or a potential member) of NEXXA.

Every guest had their chance to take a turn in the driver’s seat to test the feel for themselves firsthand. The two-seater Corvettes, such as the white Stingray with red interior, caught couples’ eyes with date trips in mind. I thought the popular Vanderhall Venice – a three-wheeled autocycle – would be a nice ride to cruise to the beach with a best friend!

920 Services put together a nice arrangement of fresh fruits and light hors-d’oeuvres for the catering provided, which paired nicely with ice cold beverages and summer hits playing in the background. Joe explained the details of NEXXA’s multi-tiered membership programs – including the benefits of the Elite and Concierge packages. ‘Our intentions for hosting this summer preview is to show appreciation to our members as well as get their feedback as we start to explore our future expansion ideas beyond year one. We invited our ‘N-Crowd’ influencers, members, family and friends to Top-Off with hopes to provide an atmosphere of intimate dialogue about the true NEXXA experience.’

NEXXA Transport’s goal is to stay ahead of the game and I think they’re doing just that with these types of events! As NEXXA continues looking forward to expanding and broadening their horizons, Top-Off has set the tone for the company to continue heading in the right direction.”

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