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NEXXA Sports Experience

NEXXA Customized Sports Packages

Turn the game into an experience. Grab your friends, rent a NEXXA premium vehicle and tailgate in style. Enjoy the drive to the stadium to cheer on your favorite team. The fleet is ready, are you?

Sometimes the most tedious part of any trip is the drive. This is anything but true when you couple a high-performance driving experience with a day at the game!

Whether it’s traveling in style to cheer on your favorite college team or taking an overnight trip to for a weekend at the races, NEXXA can build your customize sports experience. Experiences can include basketball, college football, NASCAR, baseball, hockey and professional football paired with an ultimate driving machine. VIP or general seating tickets along with savory meals are incorporated in packages.

NEXXA maps scenic routes for you and your guests to enjoy the drive to an incredible game experience.

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